Senin, 16 Mei 2011

photo syur syahrini

CASE Syahrini exciting photos to come shortly after the news excited him quarrel with Anand. Syahrini Attorney said there was a deliberate spread the photos private collections. Is it true?

Syahrini name just a few weeks more and more popular lately. After a hot argument with the issue Anang Hermansyah, Syahrini again make a scene with the emergence of exciting personal photo collections.

Yes, sensual photographs had been widely circulated in cyberspace. There were taken while in the a nightclub, the hotel and in the bathroom with only a towel and with some men. Not only that, in these photographs, there are also figures like Barry Manilow and VJ Daniel Mananta.

In fact, when posed with a figure similar to VJ Daniel, arm-like VJ Daniel is shown holding a breast Syahrini. Not only Syahrini, managers as well as his brother, Aisyahrani, take part by contributing posing sensual and almost naked. Rani, call Aisyahrani looking photos kiss with a man on the bed in white.

However, Syahrini not want to open your mouth when asked to confirm about the photographs. When contacted, Aisyahrani also did not provide details.
"Thank you, I do not want to comment," said Aisyahrani to the Rakyat Merdeka, yesterday.

Asked who is spreading these pictures, Rani admitted to not knowing. But according to him, the lawyer had reported the incident to police. "I do not know, but we already reported to the police. We hope uploader those photos soon caught, "said Rani.

But in the near future, Rani promised to immediately give a press statement on the circulation Syahrini sexy photos on the internet. "Soon we will press conference but did not know when. But as soon as possible, "said Rani.

Contacted separately, attorney Syahrini, Warsito Sanyoto, suspect there are those who deliberately expose Syahrini photos to the Internet. "There is the element of intent was clear. Is there a person from doing any act without the element of premeditation if in terms of exposing the photo," said Warsito.

Warsito suspect, spreader photos Syahrini intend criticizing Syahrini image that is in the peak of popularity. The reason, all the photographs that tend to spread Syahrini blasphemed.

Abhimanyu multimedia expert Wachjoewdijajat Syahrini asserted if the current picture was widely circulated was genuine. "Essentially all (photo) was genuine," said Abhimanyu.

In detail, Abhimanyu explained, the photo was taken consciously by using handheld mobile devices as well as professional camera.
A dozen exciting images that spread across the Internet, said Abhimanyu, taken by people around Syahrini. There's even a photo taken by Syahrini own.

"Taken as a conscious and the wishes of the perpetrator. There Syahrini above the bed that he is taking his own. The position taken by the perpetrators are aware of the desire, "he explained. (BCG / jpnn

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